Meet Prashant Ji- Inspiring Pranayama and Yoga Teacher in India

Namaste, I am Prashant Jakhmola – author of the course ‘BREATH DETOX.’ Over the past four years, more than thousands of people have already joined this exclusive breathe work course. And I am glad that they not only learnt to correct the flow of the breath but also felt amazing results after cleansing of lungs and complete respiratory system.How to improve functioning of healthy Respiratory System.I believe this is perhaps the most authentic and popular breath course so far which is not only the best, but completely FREE !

Breath Detox

Yogic Breathing or Pranayama Course to clean the 5 vayus. Empower your mind and emotions with these englightening 7 videos online course.

Instructor: Prashant & TeamLanguage: English

what you will learn

In this Yogic Breathing course, you will learn to breathe correctly and effectively, by the correction of Five Vayu (five functions of Prana) which reside in the human body and controls the Physical and Mental function.
You will learn to make breathing practice a regular routine.

  • Only Relevant Content and Practice (Not Overloaded) - This course is easy to start and finish the practice without consuming much time without any extra content. I have noticed many people give up in certain online yoga or health courses because they are overloaded with theoretical and practical content, which make the practitioner tired and bored
  • Nirantar Abhyasa (Constant Practice) - It is pure practical course from the very beginning without any bulky theory or reading material, designed for continuous practice.
  • Easy and Effective - An ideal course for new practitioners. Simple practices of breathing techniques that has been scientifically proven to be very effective.
  • Convenient - Supported with all types of devices, this course is secular and not associated with any religion. You don’t have to do any ritual or chanting mantra to practice the techniques mentioned in the course
  • Result Oriented - In seven sessions (with theory + practice, not more than 30 minutes a day), You will really learn to cleanse and regulate the breath which will lead your mind for meditation and this practice will stay with you for whole life.


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